Description: These beans are fleshy and shorter, and gradually release a rich, fruity, smooth aromatic bouquet, featuring sublime floral notes.
The late harvesting process, unique in Polynesia, makes it possible to enhance the taste and aromatic qualities of the vanilla beans. Once the fruit has reached full maturity (dark brown color), the beans are harvested by hand, bean after bean, which results in exceptional quality.

Origin: Tahitian Islands
Description: These vanilla beans are long and fleshy and develops their delicious caramel and anise flavours in a remarkable, unctuous, sweet-smelling mixture.
The Tahitian vanilla beans have the advantage of not splitting at maturity, thus the harvest may be delayed until an advanced stage of growth when the aromas of the fruit are highly developed.

Origin: Tahitian Islands

Description: These tahitian beans release the accents of a rich, tropical volcanic earth, in a constant mixture of the pleasant and gentle scents of prunes, vanilla, liquorice and chocolate.
Late harvested and hand picked, these Tahitian vanilla beans have unique and amazing taste and aromatic characteristics.

Origin: Tahitian Islands
Description: Beans are from 15cm to 20cm longs wich is for Bourbon vanilla (planifolia) a sign of excellence.

Origin: Madagascar
Description: Because of Tonga's rich fertile soil, grown Vanilla Beans from this region are superior, with flavor and aromatic qualities that make these beans a splendid treat.

Kingdom of Tonga
Description: This exotic Tahitian variety of vanilla, originally grown only in French Polynesia, has spread throughout the Pacific Basin and is now cultivated in the lowlands of Papua New Guinea.

Origin: Papua New Guinea
Description: Vanilla is cultivated in the southern states of India, namely Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.

Origin: India