We are a family owned and operated business in San Francisco and enjoy the finest things our earth has to offer. We specialize in Wild or Organic mushrooms, Truffles of all kinds, Caviar, Oils, Vanilla and many more fantastic edibles.

We work with the best restaurants and chefs in the Bay Area and back up our products and professionalism 100%.

We believe that the foundation of a great dish starts with the ingredients used. Our mushrooms are put through a rigorous selection process, and chosen carefully to ensure their high quality, full bouquet and flavor.

Although good taste is subjective, good quality is not, and we refuse to compromise on either. We offer a large variety of mushrooms, ranging from the delicately subtle to the pungently earthy, the constant in our selection is uncompromising dedication to bringing the best product to your table.

We look forward to serving you with excellent flavors.

The Magnani Family